We are a team of Educational & Child Psychologists who pride ourselves on supporting your education setting on every level.  


Our services are tailored to your needs and include specialist assessment, consultation, intervention, training and supervision.  

We are proud to be a Community Interest Company, trading in an ethical, equitable and efficient way.

We are continuing to provide educational psychology services throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Details of how we are ensuring safe practice can be found here.

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Learning & Wellbeing Psychology 

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Offering scientifically informed advice and evidence-based support.

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Developing personalised responses to your situation.

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Providing a high quality service to meet the needs of your school.

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Working with your school priorities and valuing the team around your school.



We offer a free 30 minute phone call where you can discuss the needs of your educational setting and we can consider how Learning & Wellbeing Psychology can support you to move forward.


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Educational & Child Psychologist

Co-Director of Learning & Wellbeing Psychology CIC

Dr. Amy Such

I completed my doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at University of East London and have worked in a number of Local Authority Educational Psychology Services. I have an interest in meeting the social, emotional and mental health needs of children and young people through supporting projects such as Nurture Groups and the Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) programme.

I have significant experience working with children and young people on the autism spectrum. In particular, my interests include the presentation of social communication difficulties within the female population.  Through this, I have had the opportunity to develop a wellbeing intervention for girls with autism, alongside co-author Dr Tina Rae.


Educational & Child Psychologist

Co-Director of Learning & Wellbeing Psychology CIC

Dr. Kathryn Gibb

I have worked as an Educational Psychologist in a number of inner London Boroughs, outer London Boroughs and Shire Counties for over 14 years, providing psychological support in mainstream schools, special schools and alternative provisions across the 0-25 age range. I chose to become an Educational Psychologist after working as a primary teacher and primary school SENCO, as I wanted to be in a position to offer specialist support.


I have expertise in working with schools and local authorities to enable children to develop positive peer relationships and reduce bullying, and in supporting schools and families to meet the needs of children and young people who find attentional skills, social communication and social understanding hard. I have had lead roles in Local Authorities around Anti-Bullying work and supporting neuro-diverse children. I have an interest in reducing the use of timeout, positive handling and exclusion.


Educational & Child Psychologist

Co-Director of Learning & Wellbeing Psychology CIC

Dr. Anisa-Ree Moses

I completed my doctoral training at University College London and have worked in both London and the Home Counties. I have over ten years’ experience working with children and young people in a number of roles.

I am passionate about promoting positive learning experiences. Our best work places the child at the centre and empowers those around the child to affect positive change. I consider myself a ‘student forever’ eager to build on my academic foundation and stay up to date with research. My determination to turn information into action led to my involvement in successfully rolling out Emotional Literacy Support Assistant training and providing supervision to various educational staff.


Email: contact@learningandwellbeing.org

Phone: 07716 094 580

Location: Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Coventry, Worcestershire and surrounding areas

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