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90 minutes

With this focused assessment, we carry out a home-school meeting to help you get unstuck and move forward in supporting the child, with increased clarity. We do this through proactively listening to fully understand the problem situation, identifying the child’s needs, and pinpointing areas for change. We tailor our approach to each situation to gain clarity of some of the issues and put some suggestions across for your setting to implement.


Shortly after our meeting, your setting and the child’s parents will receive a summary and recommendation write up.


One day

Our single assessments are more in-depth and include the gathering of views of the parent, the child, the school and often some direct work with that child (where appropriate). It is often utilised to embed support as part of an assess, plan, do, review cycle for that child. A single assessment looks at aspects of the child’s learning and wellbeing, building a shared understanding of their specific needs.


This is all outlined in a detailed report with deliverable, personalised actions to support the child.



Our most comprehensive assessment. With a complex assessment, we evaluate multiple areas of need with the different supporting professionals and agencies involved, whether that’s CAMHs, Social Care, Speech & Language Therapists etc.


This type of assessment requires a higher level of input and coordination with other specialists and is likely to include the use of specialist psychological tools and questionnaires which allows us to give a longer-term approach in assisting all involved, for the benefit of the child.

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