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As Educational Psychologists, we recognise how stressful the current situation is for schools, their staff, family and students and we share your concerns.  Learning & Wellbeing Psychology stands with all of you during a time when we need to support one another. 


COVID social story.png
What is a coronavirus pandemic?

A simple explanation of what a pandemic is and strategies for managing the situation.

Stay home story.png
Why do I have to stay at home?

A simple explanation of why schools are currently closed and what home schooling means.

Go school.png
Why do I have to go to school?

For children of key workers, those considered vulnerable and those with EHCPs.

Parent work.png
Why do my parents have to go to work?

For children of key workers who are still working within the community.



Going Outside

Here are some useful phrases to use when supporting children and young people who may be displaying anxiety related to COVID-19 and leaving the house.


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