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Health Checks

Our health checks give you the confidence that you know your school inside out. Our most popular health checks are Special Educational Needs & Disability and Social, Emotional and Mental Health. However, we can also support your school’s development in other areas.


SEND Health Check

Our SEND Health Check was developed to provide an overview of effective, inclusive practice within an educational setting.


It enables you to think about the nature and quality of your current provision and strategic decision making.


We gather data to provide you with a clearer understanding of the areas of strength and need within your educational setting, allowing for the sharing of positive practice and an understanding of the impact that this has on outcomes for your children and young people with SEND, so you can direct your ongoing service improvement where it matters the most.


SEMH Health Check

SEMH is a high priority concern for everyone in education. Following the Mental Health and Behaviours in Schools (2018) guidance, our check-up kick-starts your school’s understanding of how you are performing against the Eight Principles of Public Mental Health, focusing your efforts on where you can best develop your practice.

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