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Helping teens manage stress using Positive Psychology

This webinar explores stress and anxiety, the physiology of the body and coping strategies grounded in Positive Psychology.



Opening conversations with children

This webinar will consider what holds us back from opening conversations with children and will consider sensitive ways to help them share their feelings with us.



SEND Health Checks

How can you create an inclusive school environment where the needs of pupils, staff and families are all being met? This webinar provides an opportunity to reflect upon your own inclusive practice. 



Emotion coaching: An overview

This webinar will introduce the theory that underpins emotion coaching and will provide an overview of how emotion coaching looks in practice.



Out of control? How to manage behaviours in the classroom

This webinar will guide you through the 4 Cs pathway, suggesting theory and strategies to support your journey towards a calmer classroom.


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Supporting ASD Girls in the Early Years

This webinar focuses on the presentation of autism within the female population, how this may differ to the presentation of autism in the male population and how this may present within an Early Year setting.




Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

The course will focus on the psychological aspects of EBSA, alongside considering ways of supporting children and young people in re-engaging with the school curriculum. This course is designed for school based staff.


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Precision Teaching: A step-by-step approach

The course is designed for school staff supporting children and young people's learning. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and resources to conduct an evidence-based Precision Teaching intervention in your setting.



Supporting co-regulation through a trauma informed approach

This course is designed to support adults to come alongside children who are feeling distressed in order to support them, using the relationship with the adult as a source of safety and security, rather than focusing on strategies for managing behaviour.


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The course will provide the learning with an understanding of how we respond to loss and bereavement, and ways of supporting these experiences within school, at an individual, group and whole school level.



School staff self-care guided by a trauma informed approach

The course focuses on developing school staff skills in anchoring in a 'safe and social' state to help our students when they are struggling and is designed as an introduction to trauma sensitive responses to children's behaviour.


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