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Other Resources

We, at Learning & Wellbeing Psychology, have compiled a set of links to help you and your loved ones through this time. Just take a look under the relevant heading.


If any other resources have helped you and aren’t listed here, do let us know and we add it to our list. Also, take a look at the social stories and infographics we have produced to help you at this time.  



Learning readiness: Check in if your child(ren)/pupils are ready to learn: 

happy boy-bb.jpg



An all-encompassing site on staying emotionally well during this time when many things in our lives have changed: 


Audio on compassion at this time: 

Early Years

Activities to do with your little ones. Many are free. 

Is your child starting Reception this September? Check out our blog for our top tips for parents.

School Age

Visit the Portsmouth Education Partnership site for a comprehensive list of learning websites for children from Key Stage One to Key Stage Three and those with English as an Additional Language: 

Below are some other links we think may be helpful: 

Maths - offering many free children’s books to listen to 


Check out these resources for things to share with the children you are caring for.


These are links that children can use speak about anything or if they are concerned about their welfare at home. 

Physical and mental health 

For those who have or are supporting those with an eating disorder: 

For those who have or are supporting those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: 

Other resources

Perhaps try learning a new skill! British Sign Language is offering a free 20 hour course for students, with discounted rates for others. 

Sensory activities to help regulation at home: 

Bereavement & Loss

Both links give insight to the different things we may face with bereavement and loss through the coronavirus pandemic for children and adults. 

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