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Learning & Wellbeing Psychology

A holistic perspective on education and wellbeing.

We join you to strengthen and support your graduated response cycle.

"...SEN support should take the form of a four-part cycle through which earlier decisions and actions are revisited, refined and revised with a growing understanding of the pupil’s needs and of what supports the pupil in making good progress and securing good outcomes.  This is known as the graduated approach."

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools, 2019

We have the specialist expertise to help you put effective provision in place.

 We use our expertise, knowledge and skills to support your school's systems, ensuring that your graduated response builds a strong professional culture and responds effectively to your school's priorities. Our knowledge of psychological theory and evidence-based interventions can support you to develop creative and targeted ways of supporting your students and their families.

​All our team have extensive training and knowledge in Action Research. Action Research underpins the ‘graduated approach’ described in the legislation.  We believe that it is an effective and respectful way to help educators sustain continual improvement in the things they care most about-  the teaching and development of their students. We also believe that the curious and hopeful approach that Action Research fosters includes and supports parents, as everyone supporting the child goes through the processes of working out what might help things move in the right direction. 

One reason we are passionate about Action Research is that it satisfies the need to use evidence-based practice to strengthen and enrich the ways we seek to meet children's needs, even while respecting the individuality of each child and their situation. 

All our work starts with a initial discussion with the SENCo. This enables us to gather information at the Review stage of the cycle- it means we can start to learn about the work the adults supporting the child at home, at school and in their community have already done. We  are then well placed to come together with the child and their supporters to bring our specialist knowledge into a dialogue which will lead to a unique response.


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"Reviewing the effectiveness of interventions in enabling children to make progress can itself be part of the assessment of need, informing the next steps to be taken as part of a graduated approach to support..."

SEND Code of Practice, 2015

We can help you design and test out specialist interventions.

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