Through our supervision sessions, your staff will be able to develop knowledge, competence and confidence in their everyday practice.  They will have protected time to explore the relational aspects of their professional roles.  The safety of the session will enable them to recognise and process the emotional impact of their work, facilitating understanding at the pupil, practitioner and organisational level.

Session structure

All our supervision sessions last 90 minutes.  You can use this time in the way that best suits your needs.  Supervision can either follow the lead of the staff member(s) or alternatively observe a specific structure.

We have designed our supervision offer to be flexible, so that it can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.  You can choose a one-off session or ensure clarity of purpose, consistency and regularity with our 3 session and 6 session packages.


  • Motivate staff by linking them with their competence, strengths and skills.

  • Discover the best in your staff's practice to enhance teaching and learning for all students.

  • Find ways forward in stuck situations through a collaborative approach.

  • Enhance staff wellbeing by providing connection and support.


Session per year


Sessions per year


Sessions per year