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"It's not fair!" How do we teach children about fairness and equality?

As Educational Psychologists, we are constantly working with pupils who may be considered neurodivergent, promoting their inclusion in the classroom. To do this, we may recommend the use of technology (such as touch typing or a reading pen), access to fiddle toys and other assistive equipment, ‘time in’ with specific adults and a whole plethora of other strategies. We might refer to these as ‘reasonable adjustments’, in keeping with the SEND Code of Practice (2015).

However, when it comes to implementation, school staff will sometimes ask ‘but if I do that for them, I’ll have to do it for everyone else. Otherwise, how is that equal?’

Equality within education is not about treating every pupil equally, but instead, it’s about ensuring that every pupil has an equal opportunity.

And to do that, everyone may require something a little different. Equality