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Out of control? The benefits of a calm classroom

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A calm classroom is something every teacher strives for. With many schools now shifting away from classroom management systems based around behavioural principles and considering instead, the use of relational approaches to managing behaviour, many benefits are being observed to having a calm classroom.

  • Reduced stress – a calmer classroom leads to less stress for the teacher.

  • Boosted relationships - a less stressed teacher leads to improved teacher-pupil relationships.

  • Increased learning – with the quality of relationships improved, pupils are able to take greater risks with their learning, knowing that they have the support of the teacher should anything go wrong.

  • Enhanced social skills – taught through direct tuition as well as the modelling of desirable behaviours.

  • Improved behaviour – connection aids co-regulation, where children feel listened to, valued and supported.

  • Greater emotional awareness – an overall increase in emotional intelligence not only supports emotional recognition in others, but also in ourselves.

Via our on demand webinar, we will be accompanying you through the journey of the 4 Cs, considering how relational skills are developed and built upon to create a calm classroom.

The webinar will include elements of:

  • Attachment theory

  • Resiliency

  • Restorative practices

  • Emotional literacy

It has been written for class teachers (primary and secondary), SENCos, learning mentors and teaching assistant, Senior Leadership staff and other educational professionals.

Read more about the webinar and sign up through our Online Courses page.

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